Helltongue is the demonic corruption of the pure Celestial tongue spoken in Heaven. Although demons can speak pure Celestial, they generally prefer not to, as it is impossible to lie in it, a limitation which Helltongue most emphatically does not share. Furthermore, Helltongue, unlike pure Celestial, can be spoken while in corporeal form, and can be learned by mortals, although very few non-sorcerers do. Angels cannot typically speak or understand Helltongue, although they can recognize it. Although mortals can learn Helltongue like any other language, Angels must alter their fundamental nature, albeit slightly, in order to so. In game terms, this means that ability to speak Helltongue functions as an attunement costing 5 character points, which, unlike most attunements, can be taken by any angel who has a teacher who can speak Helltongue, without Superior involvement. In most cases, the angel's Superior will not be happy to find out, since merely getting the attunement causes the attuned a point of dissonance, as does every lie spoken in Helltongue. In some circumstances, however, the ability to eavesdrop on demons, or even to pass as one, may be worth it. Reedemed demons effectively have the attunement for free, but still suffer dissonance when using it lie.

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