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Distinctions are levels of celestial "rank" granted to a Servitor by its Superior. The distinctions grant a measure of authority within that Superior's organization, and often a measure of respect outside it. The new rank also grants additional supernatural powers, similar to an Attunement.

Of all the Archangels and Demon Princes, only Eli and Lilith do not offer distinctions to those under them.

Heavenly DistinctionsEdit

Above the basic level of Servitor, angels can achieve the following, in ascending order:

  • Vassal
  • Friend
  • Master

Many Superiors also grant distinctions above Master, but angels of that high a level tend to spend most of their time in Heaven, and thus don't make the best PCs.

Note that the distinction is never just a bare rank; there is always an "ornamental" quality that identifies who granted it. For example, a high-ranking Dominican would be a Master of Law, whereas a high-ranking Laurencian is a Master of the Lord's Troops.

Infernal DistinctionsEdit

Demons can also be promoted above the rank of Servitor, in the following order:

  • Knight
  • Captain
  • Baron

Again, many Superiors grant distinctions above Baron (such as Count or Duke) to especially powerful followers who spend most of their time in Hell.

As with Heaven, a Demon's distinction will always have a quality that identifies his master, such as Captain of Headhunters (Beleth) or Baron of the Book of Days (Kronos).

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