We can never relinquish our need to be right. This isn't because we are evil; it's because we all remember being God. You are no different than I. And yet you suffer greater because you know less of the truth. That, and my own suffering lasts while yours is very concentrated into the short half-life you think you have. Be well, my children, for I am with you. My plan is the salvation of all. And so today I have endorsed Archangel Laurence's plan to promote Christianity.

—Lucifer, ca 815 Anno Domini
In an address to the Princes of Hell, dictated to Ignoramati, Servitor of Kronos
Who foolishly left this in a place where the Angels would find it,
and was rewarded appropriately.

Plot OverviewEdit

Jean and Vapula are at it again, this time because the university has a new student which has been identified as the Next Big Thing™. (Note: this is not an actual trademark; it's irony at its best.)

But in the middle of all of this attention, the student, Donovan James, has disappeared.

All dates and times will be given in the course of the game, when it begins. We anticipate starting it in December 2013.

Plot Events So farEdit

  • None: The plot hasn't begun.

Plot NPCSEdit

NPCs for A Piece of the Action
Last Name First Name Role Company Position Age Description
James Donovan Main NPC Student 21 Young, very bright with an agile mind.
Lourdes Michael Main's Roomie McDonald's Fry Cook 19 Young, average in almost every way, but trying hard to be uninvolved.
Meyers Michael Witness University Sanitation Engineer 62 The janitor saw Donovan get into a car the day before his roommate reported him missing. And yes, the name is unfortunate, but it's really his name.
McDaniels Ryan Witness University Dean of Physics 46 Dr. McDaniels, PhD, saw Donovan in a fight with his roommate over study time. McDaniels says he worried about the kid's pressure.
Krikitz Con Artist Djinn of Valefor ? Krikitz was the last person seen with Donovan. However, he swears up and down that the kid was not his type, and that he had nothing to do with the kid's disappearance. (Hell is looking for the kid, too, so there is something to this story.)